To read the February 2019 notice of works around Great Missenden produced by Fusion please click here

2019 HS2 Monthly Drop-in Sessions in Great Missenden Library

Fridays 2 to 6pm on 25 Jan, 22 Feb, 29 March, 26 April, 31 May and 28 June

HS2 Security Information

provided by Mike Johnstone, GM Parish Councillor

HS2 notified us last August that they had hired some security personnel in unmarked white vans to protect individuals and property but HS2 was reluctant to provide details. However, over the Christmas period in the Potter Row and The Lee area we had reports that a white van was being driven slowly around the area coincident with some break-ins/burglaries. When challenged they said they were with HS2 but were they...? As a result, HS2 provided further information.... as follows:-

HS2 Security and Safety Support Vehicles (SSSV) What is their role? These Security and Safety Support Vehicles have been provided to ensure that the public and those working on the project, as well as property and sites along the route, remain safe and secure in regard to HS2 activity.

What do the vehicles look like? The vehicles are plain white Nissan Nivarras vans/pick-ups with fluorescent panels on the rear of the vehicle and a chevron stripe along the side. If they are required to respond to an incident and identify themselves, they will place a magnetic HS2 sign on the sides of the vehicle to identify themselves. The vehicles are unbranded to ensure the safety of the staff in the vehicle.

How will community members know who they are?
If approached by a member of the public, SSSV staff will show their HS2 ID and will be able to give a contact card for the HS2 Helpdesk to confirm they work for HS2.

If residents are suspicious, phone the HS2 helpdesk - 24/7 freephone 08081 434 434 – they have the vehicle registration numbers and names of all SSSV staff. The vehicles are unbranded but will place HS2 signs on their doors to identify themselves in the event of an incident.

To read Mike Johnstone’s full January 2019 update provided to the GMVA committee please click here

Great Missenden and Prestwood Revitalisation Group

has put forward proposals to help reduce the impact that HS2 will have on Great Missenden in the near future. Please click here to read the comments it has made to Fusion, the HS2 contractor who is carrying out the enabling works between Hillingdon and Leamington Spa - covering ecology, archeology and highways.



Never can we remember a time when our village has been so overwhelmed

with housing development schemes and a project as huge as HS2 which will affect so many aspects of our daily lives.

Dozens of volunteers are working full time just trying to cope with these pressures. Behind the scenes, many representatives from our County, District and Parish Councils are working alongside local voluntary groups, GMVA included. Meetings with HS2 Contractors, Environmental Groups, and HS2 Community officers are now becoming an almost daily occurrence.

HS2 has just launched a special COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENT FUND. This has been created to add benefit to communities along the route who are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of HS2 from London to the West Midlands. Two funds have been launched and the total sum available is £40 million. For more information, search HS2 CEF, or use this link:

HS2 Business and Community Funds

With planned alterations to the Link Road, haul road construction, and tunnel portal work over the next several years, our community views itself as a major contender to apply for finance from this fund for a number of local projects, some of which we suggest below:

1.  A complete refurbishment of the MEMORIAL HALL and its immediate surroundings to make it brighter, more modern and more welcoming.

2.  Imaginative urban LANDSCAPING OF THE AREA AROUND THE TWO ROUNDABOUTS (from the zebra crossing near Abbeyfields up to Samways). Hampden Place (flats above Costa and Hamptons) is almost complete and is a great improvement. Now we have an opportunity to complete the task and make this entrance to the village far more attractive.

3.  There is an ambitious plan to create a traffic free GREENWAY FOR WALKERS AND CYCLISTS from Wendover to Amersham. We would like to see the development of the Wendover to Great Missenden stretch.

Other suggestions we have discussed include a special budget for routine maintenance of the village (cleaning road signs, collecting litter, bin maintenance etc.), improvements to village signs at the five entry points to the village, and an extra zebra crossing on London Road outside the Catholic Church.

What do you think of these ideas? Can you help us in any way? Do you have the skills or knowledge to help get these projects going? We need people with the energy, time and expertise to help us transform these ideas into concrete proposals for the application. If you think you can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing our Membership Secretary here

We look forward to hearing from you!


HS2 has launched a new website with community pages. Please click What's happening near you | High Speed 2 and then click on Bucks and Oxfordshire.

HS2 has collated an information sheet of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here to read


Great Missenden and Prestwood Revitalisation Group

has produced a community response to plans for haul road and highway changes at Great Missenden. Please click here to read in full.

HS2 Presentation to GMVA Committee

for a report on this presentation which took place on 20th March 2017 please click here


Parish Council HS2 Working Party

To read HS2 Engagement Meeting Notes please click here